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"I set out a piece that I cut without expecting to sell it, but a guy came by and said he wanted it. I told him I didn't even know how much it was but he took it anyway and told me to let him know the price. Now I've partnered up with a guy who does cowboy furniture. We're taking stuff to one of the big shows around here."
Bo Jenson


Plasma Cutters

Although GoTorch works with virtually any plasma cutter, different brands give different results when used for CNC cutting. If you want to provide your own unit, the following table can help you make a good choice. Cutters near the top give the best cut quality and performance, while cutters near the bottom give poor results and are not recommended for use with our machine.
Note that we can include a high-end cutter with your order to ensure the best possible results or a low-cost unit to provide good results while saving you the most money.
Plasma cutter comparison
The table ranks popular brands of plasma cutters according to our testing and evaluation. Many other Chinese-made cutters are also available in the market but are not listed or generally recommended due to performance issues. The table shows the maximum output power as well as the maximum steel thickness that each cutter can effectively cut. The voltage needed to power each cutter is also shown, with multiple options being available in many cases.
Standard handheld torches are preferred and used in all cases. If you do not see your plasma cutter on this comparison chart check out the plasma cutter requirements to see if your cutter is compatible.

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