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"I've seen another machine that can not be moved - it was huge and expensive and it seemed like a piece of junk. We can easily just tuck the GoTorch machine out of the way - it's awesome."
Garret Chase
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The GoTorch machine is compact and great for use in small shops or garages. If your space is limited, the machine can be easily stored out of the way when not in use.

GoTorch CNC plasma cutting system hung on the wall This machine is hung on the wall in a garage.

Despite its size, the GoTorch machine does not limit the size you can cut. It can sit on top of the material and cut large shapes a section at a time. You don't have to cut standard material down to smaller sizes by another method, such as shearing, before the machine can work with it.

GoTorch CNC plasma cutting system cutting a 4 x 10 sign This sign is being cut as one piece from a 4ft by 10ft sheet of material.


The GoTorch machine is portable and versatile. You can use it indoors or outdoors, at home or at work. It can even be carried by one person to a remote location—whether it’s a construction site or a show where you want to make custom signs and metal art.

GoTorch CNC plasma cutting table in the back of a pickup truck GoTorch CNC plasma machine cutting dumpsters

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