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"It's great that your machine has servo motors instead of steppers. Stepper motors are a huge pain and lose their position all the time."
Terry Jones

Software & Controls

GoTorch uses software and controls specifically engineered for plasma cutting and well known in the industry for superior performance and ease of use. Through a special arrangement with our suppliers, we are able to bring this cutting-edge technology to you at minimal cost. This ultimately makes a huge difference, giving you a high-performance machine that is much easier to use and less expensive than alternatives.

Control System

GoTorch CNC plasma cutting machine Control System GoTorch uses state-of-the-art PlasmaCAM® controls, making it a fully integrated system. Every component is designed to work together in order to achieve the best possible results for CNC plasma cutting. A single control box neatly houses all the electronics and includes a full control panel for convenient machine operation. Clean and durable wiring connects the control box to the motors, plasma cutter and computer. All the components are modular making them easy to connect or replace.

Servo Motors

GoTorch CNC plasma cutting table Servo Motors The GoTorch machine cuts parts quickly and accurately because it uses powerful servo motors to move the torch around during cutting. These motorsprovide smooth motion at maximum speed and acceleration when used in conjunction with our lightweight yet sturdy moving parts. This quick, precise motion is the key to GoTorch being able to achieve optimum cut quality, due to the nature of the plasma cutting process.

Height Control

GoTorch CNC plasma cutting system Height Control GoTorch includes a motorized Z-axis that conveniently positions the torch at any desired height. To move the torch up or down, simply press buttons on the control panel (or rotate the dial for more precise control). This allows you to set the torch to the correct height above the material before you cut, and to move the torch away from the material when you are done. In addition, Digital Height Control™ options are available for more automated cutting and better cut quality. This can help keep the torch positioned at the right height when cutting larger areas or material that is not flat, such as thin, warped, or diamond plate material.


GoTorch CNC plasma cutting table software GoTorch uses state-of-the-art DesignEdge® software, giving you access to everything you need for effective plasma cutting. It works seamlessly with the machine and provides a simple screen where you work directly with designs you want to cut. You can import and cut designs from external drawing files and machine programs.
DesignEdge® can be upgraded with more advanced options for drawing, editing and machine control—allowing you to draw new shapes, cut shapes from photos, add letters, alter designs, automatically nest shapes, and much more. What makes DesignEdge so effective and easy to use is the way that you can design, cut, and control everything within one streamlined program.

Art Discs

GoTorch CNC plasma cutting table art discs The DesignEdge® software includes a sample art disc with ready-to-cut images that can simply be opened and cut in the software. These images are designed by artists for plasma cutting and result in high-quality, detailed metal art silhouettes when made by the GoTorch machine. PlasmaCAM Art DiscsAdditional art discs for making various types of finished products of different styles are available.
This can help you get started even faster in your metal art business because you can begin making profitable products immediately and later transition into other possibilities. What makes DesignEdge so effective and easy to use is the way that you can design, cut, and control everything within one streamlined program.

Other Options

The GoTorch machine comes ready to use and can be expanded later with a variety of parts, upgrades, and other options. This lets you get started quickly and gives you time to familiarize yourself with the system and CNC plasma cutting before you decide whether you really need to buy anything else. You ultimately save money without limiting your choices.
To keep costs low, optional products are purchased directly on the Owner's Community after you buy your machine. They include art discs, more advanced software options, automatic height control, 3D capability, additional seat licenses, and parts for expanding the size of the machine, cutting pipe and maintenance.

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